Recommended Resources

If you have someone in your life with autism or other special needs and you would like support for how to connect with them more fully, I recommend the following resources.

The Autism Treatment Center of America (ATCA)  teaches people to run their own Son-Rise Program to support their child or adult with autism or other special needs. The Son-Rise Program  is an intensely loving and flexible approach, based on meeting your child where they are to encourage connection and growth. Repetitive behaviors are seen as the doorway to connection rather than an obstacle to be eliminated. The teachers at ATCA are thoughtful, insightful, kind, creative, and loving. They will help you design a program that works for your family, your schedule, and your child.

The Option Institute International Learning and Training Center is run by the same people who run the Autism Treatment Center of America. They offer a multitude of programs to help anyone who wants to examine what beliefs they may be unconsciously following that are leading to unhappy experiences. The programs are loving and empowering, trusting that you are your own best expert.

Raun Kaufman, the original Son-Rise son and author of Autism Breakthrough, has teamed up with Kate C. Wilde to create the Autism Crisis Turnaround. If you are feeling like your world or that of your child is falling apart and stress is at every turn, you can take courses or consult with Raun and Kate. They offer programs that you take in your own time and live zoom classes that you take with other parents dealing with similar situations. Kate C. Wild is the author of Autism Abracadabra, Autistic Logistics, and The Autism Language Launcher.